Minor Accident Damage

Oops, a bump in the road? Caha! Fixbox swiftly tackles minor dings and dents, restoring your car's charm in no time!
Minor Accident Damage

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Post-accident damage repair. Fixing dents, scratches, bumper/fender damage, and more.
Swift recovery, with most repairs completed in a day.


Most common questions we’re asked

What kind of accident damage can you repair?

There are a number of common types of damage needing repair following an accident. We're equipped to assist with fixing any of the following:

·         Dents and Dings

·         Scratches and Scuffs [general paint damage]

·         Bumper Damage

·         Fender Damage [panels above the wheels, often caused by side collisions]

·         Mirror Damage [broken or damaged wing mirrors]

·         Headlight/Taillight Damage [damage to the vehicle's lights]

·         Front Grille Damage

·         Panel Misalignment

We may advise an inspection of your vehicle following an accident, as not all damage is easily identified without an expert pair of eyes!

How much does it cost to repair minor damage?

Prices vary based on extent of the damage, vehicle type, colour and the parts that are needed. We always try our very best to provide you with the best value for money and the best possible price for a top notch repair service.

To get an indicative quote, please submit the ‘Get an estimate’ form with pictures or a video of the area that needs fixing! If we need a bit more info, we may ask you to come in for an inspection so we can give you a formal quote.

Alternatively, if you’d rather chat to someone about your repair, please give our team a call on 0345 246 0108 and we can book you in for an inspection at your nearest Fixbox location.

How long does an average repair take?

We pride ourselves on our speedy repair service. Most repairs can be completed within a day, but more complex repairs or cars with significant damage may take a little longer. We’ll do our best to get your car back to you looking as good as new in as little time as possible. You’ll receive an estimate of how long the fix is going to take before booking your car in.

Will you notify my insurer?

No, we will not contact your insurance company to notify them about the damage to your car.

Our repair service can be used for minor accident damage for instances where you do not wish to pay the excess value and claim on your insurance policy.

How can I book a paintwork repair?

You can contact us through our website, head to the Get an estimate page and fill out the form with your details and our team will be in touch!

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Same-day car body repair for minor accident damage.