Wheel Alignment

Keep your drive smooth and stable! Caha! Fixbox expertly aligns your wheels, keeping you on a straight path and getting rid of annoying wobbles.
Wheel Alignment

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We check and fix wheel alignment for a smoother drive. Trust our precision.
Your car now drives straight, handles well, and tyre life has maximised.


Most common questions we’re asked

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment can be a critical repair process for several reasons. First, it ensures your vehicle drives straight and handles well, improving safety. Second, it extends tyre life, saving you money in the long run. Proper alignment also enhances fuel efficiency, so you'll spend less at the pump. It's a smart investment to keep your car running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Do I need wheel alignment?

Our technicians will let you know if they recommend wheel alignment as part of your repair. Incorporating alignment into your repair ensures your car drives straight, handles well, and maximises tyre life.

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